Wednesday, September 22, 2010

suka suki

When we first talked,
I liked you.
When we first met,
I cared for you.
Our first anniversery,
I loved you.

Before we got together,
I was used to doing things my way and on my own.
I thought that I would never find a guy as great as you are to me.
I thought my heart would never mend.
All the pieces to my heart were on the ground,
Smashed so much that they were no longer pieces,
More like dust just waiting to be blown away by the wind.
Till you came along,
You swept it up and molded it back together.
I was confused at first,
Whether this was to good to be true,
But I did notice something different that I was sure about.
That not only did you help me, but when you molded my heart,
You put something in there that was'nt there before,...
And when I thought about what it was,
I just smiled...
The thing you put in my heart, was...

I could'nt ask for a better person to be stuck with for the rest of my life than you.
i luv you dear

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